Business Consultancy Services

These programmes are delivered as full-day workshops, facilitated and led by a Business Doctor, for the directions or stakeholders of a business. Following on from this day, the Business Doctors produces a detailed strategic planning overview document, which is delivered to the client with additional services.

Strategic planning includes the following elements:

Business Diagnostics. Before we can help take a business forward, we need to establish its current situation. A simple analysis identifies client Strengths, Weaknesses, opportunities and Threats. The results are presented in the executive report.

Business Vision Development. Business Doctors work with the directorship of the business to develop and refine a 3-to-5-year mission. The results are presented in the executive report.

Market Audits. Market intelligence is critical to any business and is key to understanding the inherent nature (and value) of the market and its sub-sectors, identifying potential clients, assessing the competition’s market penetration and gaining a full understanding of the factors affecting demand and supply. In addition to collecting valuable market data, the Market Audit defines specific areas of opportunity and will help establish appropriate growth strategies. Findings are presented in the executive report.

Growth Strategy. The completion of the above workshops and further consultation allows a Business Doctor to outline coherent, comprehensive and practical strategies for growth. The executive report explains where the client can gain most advantage in their market, how to differentiate their proposition, and how to prioritise their product offerings.

Organisational Development. A ‘blank sheet’ approach for developing an optimized organizational structure.